What’s different from 3.0? Well, version 4.0 brings about some of the most significant changes since the beginning. In this round, we moved away from the flower-like motif to simplify and focus the landscape. With all of the changes in social media, it would have been easier to expand the lens. Instead, we narrowed the view to focus on those that are on a path to mainstream understanding or acceptance. The result was the removal of 122 services while only adding 111. This introduces an opportunity for a series of industry or vertical-specific Prisms to be introduced so stay tuned.

Overview of Categories Added:

  1. Social Marketplace
  2. Enterprise Social Networks (shortened to “Enterprise” for formatting, companies included here were previously grouped under “Nicheworking”, which we redefined.)
  3. Influence
  4. Quantified Self
  5. Service Networking

Categories Review:

  1. Virtual Worlds
  2. Blogs/Conversations
  3. sCRM (Candidate for new Prism)
  4. Attention/Communication Dashboards (Candidate for new Prism)
  5. DIY + Custom Social Networks (Candidate for new Prism)
  6. Collaboration (Candidate for new Prism)